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June 26, 2017

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July 19, 2017

British summertime is said to be the best time of the year, and this summer we’ve been blessed with exceptional weather and long, warm days. This July, the teatime family has unanimously voted for Jasmine Pearl Zen to be the blend of the month! Fragrant and delicate, this soothing blend will keep your body hydrated during the hot days and calm your mind. It contains premium Jasmine Pearl tea and whole Jasmine flower buds - no chemical, perfumes or other additives.

Jasmine flowers love sunshine; they blossom at their best under direct light and release a subtle but distinctive smell. To give our pearl tea its unique flavour, the leaves are rolled onto a bed of jasmine flowers, so they acquire and retain the natural jasmine scent without the need for added perfumes that mass produced blends contain.




Jasmine Pearl Zen can be enjoyed hot or cold - you can also use it as a cocktail base if you want to seriously impress your friends at a garden party! Here’s a wonderful and simple recipe for our exclusive Golden Jasmine Martini:

Ingredients: Jasmine Pearl Zen infusion, ice, vodka, honey

Make sure you have martini glasses ready, and use a metal shaker for best results.

Prepare a 250ml Jasmine Pearl Zen infusion and let it cool down for about half an hour. When it reaches room temperature, pour into a shaker and shake it with it crushed ice, vodka (100ml) and honey (1tbsp). Pour the mix into a frozen martini glass and enjoy immediately. 

The recipe is very simple; the secret of every great martini is to get the quantities right!

The Golden Jasmine Martini is a simple, smooth and beautiful drink. It is best enjoyed as an aperitif before dinner time, but you can also sip it after a meal. If you liked our Summer Detox Smoothie last month you’re going to love our unique twist on an all time classic … stock up on Jasmine Pearl Zen now and start mixing it up!

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