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Health benefits

✔ Complexion

✔ Rejuvenation

✔ Anti-inflammatory

Time Of The Day

✔ Afternoon tea

✔ After a snack or a meal

✔ In the eve

Moods & Suggested Use

✔ Iced tea elixir

✔ To purify

✔ To refresh



  • Whole Rose Buds - Whole rose buds are great a radiant complexion, counteracting, and removing, dark spots on the skin, plus balancing PH levels.
  • Jasmine flowers - Jasmine flowers are known for their aphrodisiac properties. In Chinese medicine they are used to treat fever amongst many other usages. Jasmine flowers have also astringent characteristics that assist with swollen eyes and redded skin.
  • Osmanthus flowers - Rich in vitamin B3, this flower helps the body transform carbohydrates to energy, plus it is rumoured to take care of insulin-producing cells in individuals with type-1 diabetes.
  • Goji Berries - Goji berries are a nutrient powerhouse compressing wholesome food energy into little portions.A small handful of goji berries deliver nearly 10% of the recommended protein daily intake. They are also a source of iron and vitamin A.
  • Chrysanthemums - Chrysanthemums are said to help with angina, hypertension, dizziness, type 2 diabetes, fever, coughs and inflammations.


Brewing Instructions

Allow 1-2 teaspoons per teapot. Brew at 100°C and allow to steep for 2-5 minutes depending on your desired strength. Reinfuse if desired.

Four Beautea (30g)

  • • Includes 5 convenient reusable tea baskets

    Have any blends on the go!


    Tea Blend Attributes

    ✔ Chemical free

    ✔ Perfume free

    ✔ Caffeine free

    ✔ Vegetarian
    ✔ Vegan
    ✔ Wheat free
    ✔ Gluten free

    ✔ Dairy free
    ✔ Soya free
    ✔ Nut free
    ✔ No artificial colours